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Book Review Now You See It, Now You Don't: Biblical Perspectives on the Relationship b...
May 28, 2015
by Shawna Dolansky
Defining terms is a foundational task in academic studies, and a clear example of its importance is in the ongoing debates on the relationship between magic and religion. Because of the various ways in which magic has been defined over time and because of the negative connotations that can accompany some definitions, explorations of magic and religion are rife with misunderstanding and ethnocentrism, most famously dating back to the milieu of cultural evolution that characterized nineteenth-century anthropology, especially in the works of Edward B. Taylor and James G. Frazer. However, questions about the relationship between magic and religion go back much further, even into biblical times, and it is these . . . Read More
History of the Church Series
May 27, 2015

This daily feature is an introduction to a full article by David W. Grua. Each Wednesday we focus on an aspect of church history, beginning in New York in the early 19th century and progressing throughout the year to Utah . . .

Special Feature
May 26, 2015

In the 1990s, Church members in Manaus, Brazil, were 4,000 kilometers from the nearest temple, which was in São Paulo. The rain forest, half the length of the Amazon, and most of the Brazilian coast lay in between, and yet their leaders dreamed of helping as . . .

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On May 28, in the life of Joseph Smith
On this day in 1829

Harmony, Pennsylvania. Joseph Smith received Doctrine and Covenants 12, a revelation to Joseph Knight Sr. about laborers wishing to assist in the vineyard.

On this day in 1834

Decatur, Illinois. Joseph Smith continued to lead the brethren on the Zion's Camp march, even though they suffered from want of food and water.

On this day in 1841

Nauvoo, Illinois. Nauvoo High Council: Approved the purchase of the Stone School House property for $1,000 payable over 18 years. A petition by Ebenezer Black for rebaptism into the Church was accepted.

On this day in 1843

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph and Emma Smith were sealed as husband and wife for time and all eternity in the Red Brick Store after Emma had given approval for Joseph to take the Partridge sisters and Lawrence sisters as additional plural wives.

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LDS FAQ Angle Moroni
What were the Hofmann forgeries?

Willie Handcart
On this day in 1856:

A young boy died, although the Saints’ general health was good. Death: Thomas Bodenham, age 1

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