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Book Review Elijah Abel: The Life and Times of a Black Priesthood Holder
September 3, 2015
by Matthew L. Harris
This daily feature is an introduction to a full Elijah Abel: The Life and Times of a Black Priesthood Holder by Matthew L. Harris. To read the full text of this review, follow the link below.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its relationship to black people continues to be a relevant topic in the Church today. Indeed, the Church recently released a document disavowing as official doctrine previous rationales for the priesthood ban while reaffirming that "all are alike unto God." Along with the Church's voice are a spate of recent scholarly books that recently appeared evaluating the origins of the priesthood ban, the lifting of the ban, and the legacy of the ban. These include . . .
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History of the Church Series
September 2, 2015

This daily feature is an introduction to a full article by Gregory R. Knight. Each Wednesday we focus on an aspect of church history, beginning in New York in the early 19th century and progressing throughout the year to . . .

Special Feature
September 1, 2015

The Joseph Smith Papers Project announces the inauguration of the Legal, Business, and Financial Records series on its website, josephsmithpapers.org. Twenty-eight legal documents are now published on the website, which will eventually include documents from . . .

Additional Features
On September 3, in the life of Joseph Smith
On this day in 1837

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith held a conference for the whole Church to reorganize its leadership.

On this day in 1842

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith escaped out the back door of his home from Deputy Sheriff Pitman and others who had come to arrest him.

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LDS FAQ Angle Moroni
What health benefits have been connected with low tobacco use in Utah?

Willie Handcart
On this day in 1856:

The Saints saw buffalo by the thousands. Death: Elizabeth Ingra, age 75

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